Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Semi Studio Tour

 Every crafter has to have a space that is just for them, to be inspired, to work in or to just relax. When looking for houses I knew I had to have a studio (and so did Mack). It has been "in progress" since we moved in, and I'm sure I'll never be fully done with it. So here is a small glimpse at OhSo Studio!


(No visit to my studio is complete without Canary trying to get into stuff. )

P.S. - with the holidays getting closer and closer I may not be able to post as much (sad face) BUT! I will try to post more from my phone and take some pictures every now and then of the amazing inspiration that has been coming my way! 

1 comment:

  1. The Studio Is Absolutely Beautiful . Nd Your Blog Is Absolutely Amazing. Your So Blessed To Just Be Able To Put All Your Heart Nd Time Into What You Love Doing The Most. You Inspire Me. Im OhSo Very Proud Of You (:


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