Saturday, March 9, 2013


I love my family. I've written about 6 different paragraphs trying to find the words, to make the sentences and this is the one I chose : I love my family. I hate that it took such drastic events for me to finally spend more than holidays with them. I can't remember a time when we went out of town together, out to eat, or that I just showed up at their door. I don't plan on making the same mistake again, trust me. They'll be yelling at me to leave. I can already hear my papa saying it now. These past few weeks have been great. I head over there just in time for Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy. We normally get about two answers right, or the complete opposite and are totally wrong. It's so much fun either way. A little Castle, some local news, and plenty of laughs! It really has been amazing. My favorite parts are hearing stories from when my grandparents were younger. It's amazing how much I've learned about them in these few weeks. 

This is my Nana, my mothers mother. She is a wife, sister, mother, grandmother, lover of dust bunnies, and now, caregiver. I've been trying very hard to get a picture of my Papa, my mothers father, but he is too busy talking to sit still for a decent picture. Believe it or not this is a candid shot of my Nana (isn't she so beautiful and photogenic.) I love them both so much. They are both my heroes. 

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