Friday, March 22, 2013

A friend like Lacey

I have the best "pinpal" in the world. This all started when I was having my "Disney blues" and found out there were people who would pin trade online, if you don't know pin trading is just one of the magical things Disney does, they release pins with everything Disney related which are both for sale and trade. Once at one of the parks you can trade a pin a cast member is wearing for one you already have. Fortunately for those who can't make it to Disney can still participate in pin trading with online traders, I have found traders on Instgram, but others go to Pinpics. Luckily my first pin trade has evolved into a great friendship. Lacey and I began trading in January and through the months have gone from just trading pins to sending Disney related goodies!  

Instructions left on the outside of the package. 

Some of the contents : A nice handwritten card with Mickey Mouse cut-outs!

All of the contents :  Aurora pins, different language maps, Disney magnets, and some other fun stuff!

 This is how my journal page turned out, using one of the envelopes as a pocket for the card. 

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