Thursday, February 28, 2013

The past.

Recently I was talking to my grandparents about our trip to Disney World, when my grandpa mentioned they had gone. I knew at one point they lived in Florida, but did not know they had gone to Disney. Since my grandpa is constantly taking pictures of family events I knew he had to have taken pictures while at Disney. Then i thought vintage Disney (I almost couldn't contain myself, almost faint #1). Well eventually he brings out shoeboxes filled with pictures ( almost faint #2) some filled with old cars, some landscapes (almost faint #3) and then my grandparents wedding (almost faint #4). I can easily say I hadn't seen 95% of them. It was amazing to see my grandparents when they were younger, the wedding, and our family from Germany. The only sad part of this is that the Disney photos weren't in these boxes, and I have yet to see them.. One day. 

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