Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Through my (fish) eye

A few years ago I received a fisheye lens as a gift, since then I've had so much fun experimenting with all sorts of subjects. My favorite, hands down, are cats. They are so curious, however none made the cut. Here are my favorite 4; in no particular order.

This is my boyfriend, Mack's, studio, he refers to the synths as his "friends". I think they help him make beautiful music. Throughout our relationship I have added my influence to his studio, in this case, it's the cute pooh bear in the chair.. there. 

Speaking of Mack, that's him on the right! He is apart of an underground alliance, called The Fence Sitters. His partner in crime, Matt, is on the left. 

This is the cemetery where we found the cemetery cats. This was our home away from home for, (roughly) 9 months. It seems like so much time has passed between then and now. Unfortunately now is not the time to expand on those months, but one day soon. 

This picture doesn't have to much of a story. Just a lone tree worth a picture. 
(So much for a picture is worth a thousand words)

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