Sunday, June 10, 2012

Kittens! Part 1

When my boyfriend, Mack and I first met one of the first places we went was to the Summerville Cemetery. It's the oldest cemetery in Augusta. While walking around we stumbled across a grey cat laying on one of the graves. I took a few pictures and moved on. On our anniversary we went back, again looking around. All of a sudden we saw kittens across the street, a gate separated us from them, but i still tried to get their attention. Eventually they came over. Well fast-forward a few months and were still going to the cemetery, I was attached to all of them, but one in particular, Canary. Fast-forward a bit longer Mack and I bought a house, Canary had had kittens and we were finally able to bring them home. So here they are.

P.S. - I'll post photos of the first "cemetery cats" when I find them.

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