Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Birmingham Zoo

Compared to other Zoos I've been to, the Birmingham Zoo seemed to focus a lot on cats and birds (not saying I don't like either of those things). They classified the cats as "Predators" however I thought they were all adorable and wanted to take them home. 

My sister tried to get me to convince an employee to trade this adorable monkey for $20. Needless to say that employee thought we were bananas (Funny pun!)  

This peacock was the 1st thing we saw when we walked in, I adored it for 2 reasons : 1. It was a rebel and decided it wasn't meant to be in confined to one area 2. It matched my hair.

The only other Zoo that had a Red Panda was the Zoo in Atlanta, however when we'd gone they stayed hidden, so I was very glad that I was finally able to see them. Aren't they adorable?


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