Saturday, August 25, 2012

Let me tell you..

Let me tell you about this week, this event-filled, hectic and crazy week! Mack finally took his vacation this week, I rescued 3 stray kittens that were in some bushes in our front yard, We had our "Rave Emergency" show last Friday and to top it off have spent the last four days thrift shopping. Some days were great, others (like today) were not so much!
    I feel like I have neglected the blog and feel so terrible about it, so I will give you some Inside Scoop on things that are coming up! Etsy will soon have more earrings, kawaii ones at that, along with more pillows. Also  if you are in the Augusta area, The Fence Sitters and I have teamed up for some exciting new merch! I can't give out all those details, but I will tell you, you will not want to miss out! I leave you with a few photos for you to enjoy this weekend.

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