Saturday, February 28, 2015

Peak-A-Boo Pouch

I've recently been obsessed with making zipper pouches but am always looking at new ways to use materials I already have, since I have so much (hands up if you're guilty of this too!). I am by no means an expert at sewing so I'll include my favorite zipper pouch tutorial by See Kate Sew. I chose a simple exterior fabric to make my interior space fabric pop!

So here's how I made this super cute, personalized bag :

Alphabet stamps are becoming very popular and are easier and cheaper to get ahold of, I got this large set from Target (for $3!) although Michaels has a larger variety of fonts, they are smaller but are only a dollar.

Simply stamp your quote on your pre-cut fabric. Try and stay away from the edges to prevent any of the quote being sewn. This is a lyric from Echosmith's song Bright. 

Before you sew your pouch run your iron over the design to set it (I used scrap fabric to make sure it wouldn't smudge).

Ta-da! Super cute, personalized pouches! I hope you enjoyed this!

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