Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Pet Spotlight : Boots

I recently realized that although my pets may appear in photos you don't know much about them, I thought I'd do a little segment (not sure when others will be posted) to tell you a little bit more about my pets.

This is Boots, we rescued her (along with Canary and their babies) from a local cemetery, out of all the stray cats I would have never thought that Boots would've been one of the ones we took home. Mack really loved her, she was distant but had her playful moments. 

On the stairs is her favorite place to sleep, not in the way but not left out. Although she loves being around Mack and I she gets very skittish when company comes over, or hears the doorbell (even if it comes from the TV). She darts under the bed and doesn't come out till the coast is clear. 

We have become so much closer over the past few months than the, almost, 2 years I've known her. It's taking me a while to understands exactly what she wants when she meows though, but we're working on it. 

Do you have pets? I'd love to hear about them, write a comment in the section below! 

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