Monday, September 17, 2012

It's a Doll World.

After finding Novi Stars a few months ago and reading forum after forum, I started noticing Monster High dolls for the first time. I've seen them in stores for a long time now but haven't payed much attention to them. Since looking at countless blogs and pictures, I started watching the webisodes and fell in love with the characters. I finally looked through the isles of Target and Walmart for these unique dolls. From the show Draculaura is hands down my favorite, the fact that she's a vegetarian/vegan (no site can really tell me which one) really related to me. The other characters are just as great and since I had so much fun shooting my Novi Stars, I figured I could get great shots of the Monster High dolls! I have an almost endless list of all the dolls I want to be able to grow my collection of doll photography.

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